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Our expert repair services bring damaged pools and spas back to life. From leak detection, pump repairs, and full restorations, we ensure flawless functionality and stunning aesthetics. Dive into a renewed aquatic experience with our top-tier pool and spa repair services in San Antonio.

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About Redemption Pool Services

Swimming Pool Renovations & Repairs

Trusted across San Antonio, we’re the go-to choice for quality work and tackling even the toughest repairs. Transform your pool with our skilled touch, as homeowners citywide count on us to bring excellence to every project.

Equipment Repair & Replacement

Our expertise extends to all types of equipment repair and replacement, making us the premier choice in San Antonio. Whether it’s a faulty pump, a worn-out filter, or any other equipment issue, our replastering and renovation team in San Antonio has the skills to repair or replace with precision.

Replastering Services

Elevate your pool’s aesthetics and longevity with Redemption’s Replastering Service. Our professional touch ensures a sleek, enduring finish for a timeless aquatic investment. Contact us today for more info!

Tile Cleaning & Installation

Our skilled team then seamlessly installs the tiles, ensuring both durability and visual allure. Transform your pool into a masterpiece with our top-tier tile installation services. Get in touch today for a quote!

Coping Repair Services

Our coping repair and replacement services restore functionality and aesthetics with precise craftsmanship. If you’re looking for durable and high-quality solutions for your pool’s edge then give us a call to get a free estimate!

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Who We Are

As a veteran-owned pool company, Redemption Pool Services embodies a unique blend of discipline and dedication. We take immense pride in our hard work ethic, translating military precision into the realm of swimming pool repair. Our mission extends beyond mere restoration – we specialize in redeeming pools that have faced severe damage, transforming challenges into triumphs with each project.

Our San Antonio pool repair company approaches every task with unwavering commitment, ensuring that your pool becomes a symbol of excellence and rejuvenation. Trust us to bring high quality work, revitalizing your aquatic haven and turning it into a source of pride and joy once again.

A proud veteran owned business that guarantees 100% quality

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Our Promise to You

Dive into unparalleled satisfaction with Redemption Pool Services. Our commitment goes beyond pristine pools; we promise reliability, expertise, and a splash of joy. Trust us for crystal-clear waters and worry-free pool maintenance, making every swim a redeeming experience.

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